If you have lost the device through which you complete the authentication of your account after entering the Blockchain login credentials, then you need to click on the “Need some help?” on the login page. After this, you can click on the “Reset 2FA” option. Then, you have to enter your wallet ID, registered email, and new email to set for 2FA.
In this post, we have mentioned the way to set up MetaMask wallet on the browser extension and MetaMask App. Along with this, we have concluded some more topics like the method to access the wallet, and the process to find the MetaMask seed phrase from your wallet. Let’s start…

The popular and most secured Ethereum wallet-MetaMask allows users to deal with ERC-20 tokens more conveniently. The process to use MetaMask is too easy and you can also get started with it by setting up your profile. Visit for information:-
we introducing you to a recent wallet service that seems to have acquired a great user base for the Solana crypto (or SOL) — the Phańtom Wållet. It is famously named the factor that bridges the gap between the Solana blockchain network and the crypto users.
#PhantomWallet #Phantom

Phantom Wallet

You can store your crypto in the wallet and trade in crypto via the wallet portal. Reading through the lines you had learned the features of the service, the benefits you can yield, the steps to install the MetaMask extension, and the steps to set up a password for the account.



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